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One Big Disadvantage of Using Video

Some tips from Business Coaching Certification

business coachingThe one big disadvantage of video is that if you want to test, you have to record multiple versions of your video.


In many cases the first thing to do is to start testing headlines to the video. If you test different headlines on your side and find that a certain headline works best, often changing the video to highlight the content of the headline can be very advantageous.


And often the headline that wins is not the one that you expected to upfront, so by gathering data first you can make best use of your testing and time without having to make multiple videos.


Another mistake many people make is they get so involved with video but that it’s only thing they put on their site.


It’s often much better to use a headline with the video, and the other major elements of the copy on the site. That includes the major bullets, the primary product details, and a guarantee. Have all this in written format.


And even in the times that we’ve successfully run a video only page, we still will run the primary bullets on the order form. So the prospect lands on the video only page and watches the video. When they click through to the order form, that page has in written form, the primary benefits and primary bullets from the copy.


So please understand, video is not a replacement for sales copy, it is an adjunct. It’s an addition to the sales copy text and a way to empower it.


Remember no matter who your customers are, they are busy people. There’s typically things going on in the background; there’s noise and they’re distracted. Meaning it’s very easy for them to miss out on some of the main points in a written format.


In the US, where we know the stats, literacy rates are decreasing.


According to the national assessment of adult literacy, between 21 to 23% of people are not able to locate simple information and text. They could not make low level inferences in written materials. Wikipedia estimates that the best estimates for full literacy, which is under-graduate level functioning, is only about 15% of the population.


We find this to be a jaw-dropping, almost unbelievable statistic. It’s a reminder that we need to go over and over our copy and videos to make sure that we’re not using complicated language or complex concepts.


Unfortunately the average adult reads at a seventh or eighth grade level. We have a TV watching population, and we need to be talking to them at that level.

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